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Market Research Simplified.

Outward Intelligence delivers actionable, high-quality survey research in real time, so you can make the decisions that drive your business with confidence.


Measure how people feel about brands and products in real time

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Brand Tracking

Outward Intelligence’s turnkey brand tracking platform collects, organizes, and visualizes data about brands and products every day.

Real time insights are delivered through an intuitive software platform, enabling business leaders to explore, analyze, and visualize data on demand.

Curated Core Survey

Measure the most important brand metrics and consumer filters right out of the box.


Access a self-service portal with built-in tools for analyses such as time series, drivers, brand lift, and more.


Add custom metrics, modules, segmentation filters, and typing tools instantly.


Get up and running in less than 24 hours with fresh data updated in portal daily.


Survey 250 to 2000 respondents per week about brands from one or many categories.


~75% less expensive than most custom and syndicated brand tracking solutions.

Modern Data Collection Optimized for Quality

Our data collection platform continually surveys thousands of respondents utilizing best-in-class quality standards to redefine the speed, volume, and efficiency of survey research.

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Reimagined Survey Experience

Our custom-built survey experience is optimized to minimize respondent fatigue,  control against fraudsters/bots, and work efficiency across all devices.

Multi-Panel Sample Acquisition

Access to over 10 million respondents, ensuring diversity and minimizing panelist gaming/fraud. All responses are validated through our rigorous in-house QA prior to delivery.

Robust Quality

In-survey termination (straight lining, speeding, logic/trap questions) is augmented by algorithmic scoring across 20+ features. Each response open-end is reviewed to provide the best possible data.


Our sampling algorithm dynamically manages quotas to match census populations, providing an accurate view of your customers across the country.

Fully Loaded, Standard.

Our most basic subscription offers the premium features that others charge for — standard.

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Key Drivers Analysis

Leverage the latest analytics techniques to quantify the relative importance of attributes on conversion funnel metrics across key audiences.


Quickly evaluate metrics across multiple audiences for statistically significant differences with built-in cross tab functionality.


Understand key audiences by unpacking their demographics, attitudes, and behaviors relative to the general population and other audiences of interest.


Share results with ease by exporting insights into Powerpoint and Excel.

Insights to power and evaluate campaigns

Leverage built-in tools to answer key questions about targeting, positioning, and campaign evaluation.

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am I doing right now?

Diagnose conversion bottlenecks in the brand funnel.

should I be talking to?

Discover optimal target audiences to strengthen funnel health.

do I reach them?

Paint a detailed portrait of audiences for media targeting.

I say?

Identify the brand associations that will impact a target audience.

Is my message working?

Track real time performance during live campaigns.

Was my campaign successful?

Evaluate the effectiveness of marketing on target audiences.

Air Pressure

Expert on-demand user support

Our support team is made up of seasoned researchers, statisticians, and insights practitioners who give you consulting-level guidance and expertise on demand.

Start making decisions with more confidence today

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