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Outward Intelligence is a global market research technology firm founded on the belief that businesses of all sizes should benefit from fast, actionable, high quality survey research at an affordable cost.

Our Mission

We believe data should be the foundation of decision making in a modern business. 

Companies are increasingly sophisticated in collecting and utilizing internal data; analytics have become table stakes. The next challenge is building a data asset that reflects the world outside a company's active customers. This remains difficult, slow, and costly.

At Outward Intelligence, our goal is to democratize this data for companies of all sizes and sectors. Combining established research techniques with efficient and modern technology, we aim to deliver data, tools, and insights that lead to step change outcomes.

We've built Outward Intelligence as a cutting edge technology company from the ground up.

Our software stack controls the entire research process and integrates from survey respondents to end users. This approach leads to a seamless and efficient platform, cutting out manual processes, servicing teams, and slow, expensive steps.

These cloud-based solutions use the latest technology, data science, and market research practices. Our platform offers out-of-the-box tools for exploration, analysis, and insights that allows for decision-making at unprecedented speed, scale, and accuracy.


Our Story

We're researchers at heart, curious about the world around us and excited to measure it comprehensively, at scale, and - perhaps most important - efficiently. 

Our leadership team has decades of experience working in research, management/brand consulting, advertising, strategy, and technology.

What gets us out of bed in the morning is the chance to help our clients make sense of the world and put pen to paper in taking action.

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